Follow these instructions to install the Internet Mail Service.

* Unfortunately it is unrealistic to depict every possible sequence of screens, due to the amount of Outlook 2000 updates.

Open Outlook 2000:

(a) If there is a shortcut icon to Outlook 98 on your desktop, simply double click the shortcut icon.

(b) If you do not have a shortcut icon go to Start then Programs then Outlook 98.

On the Outlook 2000 Menu Bar:

(a) Click on Tools then Accounts then select the Mail Tab.

* If the account is alreday set up it will be listed under the Mail tab, from here you can simply select the account that you want to configure, then click the properties button and change the information, rather then specifying the information, as is done in the steps bellow.

(a) To create a new account click the Add button, then click the Mail button.

Specify Your Account Details:

(a) Specify your name; and sepecify your email address, for example:

* Leave the reply-to-address field blank.

Specify Your Server Details for Your Account:

(a) Select the option my incoming mail server is a POP3 server; then specify the incoming email server, for example:; and specify the outgoing mail server, for example:

Specify Your Log On Details for Your Account:

(a) Specify your account name, which is your user name and specify your password.

* Click Remember Password if you want outlook to remember your password.

* Do not check the Log on using Secure Password Authentication option.

Specify The Connection Method:

(a) Select Manual, then click Next.

* This will tell Outlook 2000 to use the same connection method as Internet Explorer.

(b) Click Finish to finish setting up your new email account

* If you were making changes to an existing account select OK to save the changes.

You are now finished the email account configuration, open Outlook 2000 to use your account.

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