Follow these instructions to install the Internet Mail Service.

* Unfortunately it is unrealistic to depict every possible sequence of screens, due to the amount of Outlook 97 updates.

Open Outlook 97:

(a) If there is a shortcut icon to Outlook 97 on your desktop, simply double click the shortcut icon.

(b) If you do not have a shortcut icon go to Start then Programs then Outlook 97.

On the Outlook 97 Menu Bar:

(a) Click on Tools then Services.

(b) Click Add Select Internet Mail/Internet E-Mail

* You may need your Microsoft Office 97 CD-ROM at this point.

(c) You will now get the following message: "Outlook will now need to restart in order to make the changes." Click the OK button to restart Outlook and finish the setup.

Configuring Your E-mail Account:

* You can use this tool to view or change existing settings, or to setup a new account.

(a) Click on Tools then Services.

(b) Select Internet E-mail service, then click the Properties button.

Specify Your Account Details:

(a) Enter your full name, which is the name you want displayed on outgoing e-mails; enter your e-mail address; enter your Internet Mail Server, for example:*; enter your account name, which is your username; and finally enter your password.

(b) Click the Advanced Option button.

(c) Enter your SMTP Server, for example:*, and click the OK button.

Specify How Your Computer Will Connect to the Internet:

(a) Click the Connection tab and click the OK button.

(b) You will now get the following message: "You will need to restart your computer for the changes to take effect." Click the OK button to restart your computer.

You are now finished the email account configuration, open Outlook 97 to use your account.

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